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DRC has developed an effective process to utilize the services of small, disadvantaged and/or women-owned businesses. We have established this corporate policy and procedure for all affiliates, whether or not a formal subcontracting plan is part of the contract. We maintain a robust roster of worldwide minority, disadvantaged, and/or women-owned small business suppliers and subcontractors to support ongoing and anticipated contract requirements. When a natural disaster or other emergency occurs, DRC taps into this roster and immediately locates the resources needed to support the contract action.

We are often able to utilize the maximum number of minority, disadvantaged, women-owned and/or small business firms in the local area to fulfill the contract performance requirements while also meeting subcontracting program requirements.

Any firm that is interested in being available as a potential subcontractor is requested to complete the following form and submit it to DRC for inclusion in our database.

Available Opportunities

Subcontracting opportunities at DRC include:

  • Marine Services
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Manpower Agencies
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Traffic Control Personnel
  • Clerical/Administrative Assistance
  • Office Supplies
  • Truck Drivers


The following summarizes the subcontractor’s requirements:

  • Compliance with all DRC safety plans
  • Compliance with governmental employment regulations, unemployment compensation and workman’s compensation laws
  • Ability to meet liability and automobile insurance requirements (these may vary from contract to contract)
  • Completion of a subcontracting agreement specifying the scope of work, terms and conditions, pricing, liability requirements and any hold harmless agreements.

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