DRC Emergency Services



Jun 27 2014

Hurricane season begins each year on May 15th in the Eastern Pacific and June 1st in the Atlantic, and lasts through November 30th in both regions. Experts predict a quiet hurricane season in 2014, but quiet seasons have still been known to produce giant storms.

In the early stages of every hurricane season, quiet or otherwise, pre-planning is essential for all emergency management officials. DRC offers pre-event contracts which ensures that contractors are prepared to mobilize immediately following a disaster thanks to advance planning and training specifically for the jurisdiction in question.

As part of every pre-event contract, DRC offers our clients annual training sessions that are fully customizable to suit each jurisdiction’s unique emergency management requirements. We’ve learned over the past 25 years that it only takes one storm to destroy a community, so a key focus of these sessions is allowing local staff and decision-makers the opportunity to learn first-hand from seasoned experts in the field of emergency management.

Please contact us if you need any assistance in preparation. We value and look forward to our continued working relationship with all of our clients.